Summer playsuit


Hiya. I see you’ve found my little slice of cyberspace. Welcome to The Stylinguist, I’m Katie, a 27 year old Digital Marketer by day and a blogger/Netflix boxset binger by night. The Stylinguist focuses on fashion, travel and lifestyle, and anything else I feel like having a rant or rave about. I also happen to be a massive foodie. I have an insanely sweet tooth, a penchant for halloumi, an ever-increasing love of sausage dogs and an unhealthy sunglasses obsession. I’m a country girl at heart and I’m always happiest when I’m outdoors/by the sea/on a beach. I also overuse brackets (a lot) (if you hadn’t noticed) (I just love them).

Now that you know enough about me, let’s tell you a little bit about my blog. I started The Stylinguist back in 2012, I was at Uni hard at work doing my dissertation (pah). I became quite the procrastinator and The Stylinguist was born. I decided on putting two words together, style and linguist, to create…well, a bit of a mouthful! Ever since then I’ve kept it going and it’s now become my own little space for writing about my adventures, documenting my evolving style and nattering away into the oblivion of cyberpsace.

If you’re a new visitor, welcome and I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. To regular readers, thank you for your loyalty, support and for continuing to put up with my inane ramblings. Love to you all, you patient cherubs.

Oh, and if you fancy hearing more of my ramblings (because why wouldn’t you), come and find me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I promise I do talk some sense every now and then. Although I do chat about food (a lot) and how much I love Friday’s (also a lot).

Katie x