Summer Staples – The Swimsuit

Image of swimsuit and shorts

Another outfit post from holiday! I know I know, it’s all I’ve rambled on about for weeks now. And I’ll probably continue to seeing as I have 600 photos, hope you’re excited! (I’m kidding, they’re not all blog-worthy *hears everyone breathe a sigh of relief*). This is my first swimsuit – well, since my brightly coloured Speedo one as a kid – and I love it! Definitely a summer staple. My blog is becoming quite a diverse space these days, having focused solely on fashion for years it’s become a lot more travel and lifestyle oriented. I love travel, I’m a massive foodie and I also like lounging around on the sofa binging on Netflix and complaining about having the holiday blues. But I try not to do the latter too much. Well, the holiday blues bit anyway.

Image of swimsuit and shorts

New Look swimsuit (also similar) | Pull & Bear denim shorts | New Look sandals | Ray Ban Aviators

Image of swimsuit

For a while, I was unsure about the change in direction but I’m starting to feel like my blog is a lot more me. I still love fashion and dressing up (okay, mostly dressing down) but travel, food and the occasional jovial rant (if there is such a thing) are a big part of who I am. That and the overuse of brackets, but hey, if you’re a regular reader I’m sure you’re used to them by now. Sharing these things here makes it feel more real, more me. I hope this is okay and not scaring anyone off! I think blogging is becoming much more diverse – for a long time it was all about finding your ‘niche’ and sticking to it. But what if you don’t have a niche? Or what if your niche is just you, and all the things you love? It’s like, I love to bang on about a new dress or swimsuit but equally I want to rave about my new food obsessions (you guys, have you tried Bugles? They’re my life RN), where I’ve explored and my latest bug bear.

Image of swimsuit

Blogging is something that came fairly naturally to me early on – the writing side of it anyway. However the sharing/making it personal was something I really, really struggled with. I actually debated using a fake name and cutting my head out of the photos back in the day! I bloomin’ love a good chat but at the same time, I can be quite a closed book depending on who I’m talking to. I think it’s something that’s changing for me with age (where’s that granny emoji…👵🏻 found it – is it worrying that was in my most used section?!) The older I get, the more accepting I am of myself, my quirks, my faults and my insecurities. This is actually the most comfortable I’ve ever felt, the least insecure I’ve ever been and I think that make things easier when it comes to talking and sharing. If you’re not judging yourself, you’re less afraid of judgement from others.

Image of swimsuit

Anyway, that seems like a good point to finish this little ramble, otherwise we’re at risk of me babbling on forever and no one likes a wordy blog post, do they! And summer, if you could please return I will be forever grateful. This outfit is currently folded up in a drawer somewhere and that makes me very sad indeed.

Hope you’re having a good week whatever you’re up to! Would also love to hear your thoughts on blogging and whether niches are still a thing? Ciao for now.

Katie x

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  1. Lauryn Mills

    10th August 2017 at 1:38 am

    LOVE those shorts! Really need to find myself a pair like those! Lovely post!

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