Winter Checks

Happy holidays guys! I was going to say Merry Christmas...but Christmas has kind of been and gone now, hasn't it? We're in that wonderful stage between Christmas and New Year which is pretty much made for slouching, watching films and a spot of shopping, am I right? I've binge watched Harry Potter (again) and been on so many frosty walks. Hope you've all had a relaxing break! I couldn't believe our luck when we went location hunting for some outfit photos this morning and were treated to sunshine and blue skies. I picked up this cosy check skirt from Primark on Christmas Eve (honestly the best time to shop there - so quiet!) for only £8. I was so tempted to get it in black too but they'd sold out in my size! I love the thick, cosy material - perfect for these frosty winter days.

I was also treated to some lovely bits for Christmas from my family, including some Elemis skincare (which I swear by), some new boots (which are the same as my old boots! Nothing wrong with replacing them with the same pair, right?) and this gorgeous River Island bag to replace my tatty tassel bag. Of course there's still a tassel or two, can't get rid of them that easily! I've seen a lot of hate on Twitter over Christmas with people slating others for sharing what they've been given, which gives me all of the sad feels. IT'S CHRISTMAS GUYS, C'MON. I think it's nice to see people so grateful for their gifts and I don't care if someone got a Range Rover or a box of pencils, I think it's lovely to see people sharing their appreciation. I'm a big Christmas fan, mainly for spending time with my family and sharing lazy days together, but I don't think there is anything wrong with showing gratitude for the gifts you've been lucky enough to receive. Who's with me?!

Aaaaaanyway, back to the outfit. I also received some lovely earrings chosen by my brother - rose gold and sea glass studs from Skagen. He knows my style too well! I've never been a massive  fan of statement jewellery and usually opt to wear studs with a subtle twist. I was yet to own a rose gold pair so these fit nicely in to my collection! I love the sea glass too, they look slightly pearl-like and iridescent when they catch the light. 

Hope you're all having a lovely Christmas break! Fingers crossed there aren't any unintentional Harry Potter quotes in this post as we've just been re-watching the last film - I don't know why I do it to myself, it's taken me nearly two hours to write this!

Katie x


Winter colour pop

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I'm feeling incredibly festive at the moment - probably helped by watching Love Actually on Friday (one of the best Christmas films - who's with me?) and Fantastic Beasts yesterday which was amazing. I've also had the Christmas playlist on, much to the disgust of my boyfriend aka Scrooge! I'm kidding, he's not that bad. I was planning on creating some party outfit posts but had to shoot this skirt and boots as I've been obsessed with them ever since I came back from Dublin - they definitely deserve some air time. I have to apologise for the photos - Blogger seems to wash them out for some reason so the colours aren't quite as vivid as they should be...(anyone else having problems with this? Please let me know!) 

This skirt caught my eye as soon as I walked in to Folkster in Dublin. It was truly love at first sight - especially as this is one of my favourite colours and I love the A-line style. The colour really pops when paired with a cosy black roll neck and black boots, and I definitely think I could dress it up with a black or sparkly cami for a night out (minus the woolly tights!) I always tend to reach for black or dark colours over winter so this green/teal skirt makes a nice change and is brightening up my rather drab winter wardrobe!

Folkster skirt | H&M roll neck (old - similar) | Woolly tights (Matalan) | Folkster boots  

I've come to realise I'm a real hoarder of shoes and boots. I've just had a clear out and thrown six pairs away and sold nine pairs! So I thought it was only right that I buy some more to replace them - ha. Once a hoarder, always a hoarder...right? I've been loving ankle boots that have a subtle pattern or something a little different about them, and the heel on this pair really won me over. I love the colour and the marble effect, it kind of dresses them up a bit.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! I've actually managed to finish all my Christmas shopping (it's all wrapped too) so I'm feeling a tad smug this year! 

Katie x