Another autumn knit

Another knitwear post, sorry! Hope you're not sick to death of knitwear yet because...I'm definitely not. Honestly, I could blog about my knitwear collection for the next year (I promise you I won't subject you to that). So the newest addition to my endless jumper collection is this H&M beauty. I saw it online a few weeks ago but I've been trying to get it in store and it always seemed to allude me. But on a trip to Lincoln, I finally found it! You know that feeling when you literally just stumble across something you've been on the hunt for? Pure bliss. I'm fully aware that I tend to hibernate as soon as it gets cold - my feet get hidden away in boots for the next 6 months and you'll be lucky to catch me without a big old cosy knit on. But you know what? I'm totally okay with that. That's what autumn is for, right?!

The slightly oversized fit really wins it for me, it literally optimises the perfect cosy, slouchy knit and I never want to take it off.  Along with that epic Jacquard-style pattern and the bold colours, I reckon this knit will be an autumn/winter staple for me. Did I mention it contains alpaca wool? SO SNUG.

Katie x


Autumn with V by Very

As I haven't banged on enough about autumn fashion (ha) I've put together some autumnal mood boards from the new V by Very collection. I was invited to take part in the blogger mood board competition a couple of weeks ago and jumped at the chance. I have to admit, I absolutely love putting mood boards together and playing around with outfit ideas. It's so much fun and it helps me get a better idea of what would work (and what doesn't!) The new V by Very collection is bursting with autumn colours, chunky knitwear and the most gorgeous range of boots. I have my eyes on several items this season and have styled up a mood board based on a casual autumn style above. The patchwork cape with the fur collar jumped straight out at me - I'm seeing capes everywhere at the moment and the added faux fur collar just screamed autumn and cosiness.

Knee high boots have also made a comeback this season - I still can't decide if I want a heeled pair or flat pair! (Maybe both? Hmm). The burgundy knit is a staple in my autumn/winter wardrobe. In fact, some may say I already have similar styles to the one above, however I definitely argue that you can never have too many burgundy knits! Who's with me? I also have my eye on that super fluffy, super cute little duffle bag (I might actually have to buy that for my trip to Dublin next month!)

Next, I've created an outfit which I think could work for day or night. It features THE most amazing metallic rose gold skirt with a beautiful A-line shape - it definitely gives a little nod to the nineties. I'm so tempted to buy this and wear it for my Christmas day outfit (planning ahead here but who doesn't!) I'm so pleased the cold shoulder tops are sticking around for autumn/winter in the form of a chunky roll neck knit. And don't even get me started on those slouchy ankle boots. *Insert heart-eye emoji here*.

Needless to say, I'm impressed with V by Very's latest collection - I love brands that offer an extensive range of seasonal fashion and cater for several different tastes as sometimes I love dressing up and other times I love slouching in a cosy knit and jeans. I don't know about you, but I've definitely got my mental wishlist at the ready!

*This post is my competition entry for the Very blogger competition. It is not a sponsored post. All comments, opinions, outfit choices, mood board designs and the non-stop rambling are all my own. 

Katie x


Tan suede and fur collars

Cracking out a new addition to my autumn/winter wardrobe! I am, quite literally, head over heels for this tan suede jacket and I haven't taken it off all weekend. I was tempted to buy another winter coat to add to the collection (anyone else have too many coats they can't throw away?) but I stumbled across this bomber jacket style and couldn't resist. I tend to have summer jackets or winter coats and nothing in between, so a winter jacket with a faux fur lining was just what my wardrobe needed (or at least that's what I told my bank balance).

I love the tan suede trend at the moment, especially the aviator style jackets and bomber jackets with faux fur collars and lining for that extra cosy feel. I've paired my new jacket with some New Look knitwear and of course it had to be burgundy for autumn! I feel like it's become cold so quickly this year? Which I'm not complaining about as I love to layer up and cosy up in some chunky knits. I'm planning on packing this jacket for my trip to Dublin in a few weeks time as well as my new jeans and my trusty black ankle boots - which I'm praying will last me another winter! 

What do you think of the latest addition to my autumn wardrobe? Are you a fan of the tan suede jacket trend? Also, if you have any recommendations for Dublin please let me know - looking for lots of lovely places to see/visit and, of course, some good restaurants and bars!

Katie x


Autumn knitwear and Woodland walks

Autumn is here! *Skips through the leaves*. Cue pictures of cosy knitwear, open fires and cups of tea (although the reality is dark evenings, even darker mornings and hello rain). I have a love-hate relationship with most of the seasons - not that I'm hard to please or anything! I hate being cold, but I love snuggly jumpers and lots of layers. I hate being too hot, but I love sunshine and holidays. I'm a walking contradiction, really. That said, I am quite enjoying autumn at the moment if you ignore the fact that it's dark at 7pm (cry face).

Next jumper (similar here and here) | New Look tartan scarf (similar here and here and here) | Hollister jeans | New Balance trainers

I've been rummaging in the depths of my wardrobe to find last year's knitwear and was quite impressed with the amount I've found - all in good condition too. I'm a great believer in hanging on to basics like knitwear as they rarely go 'out of fashion' so to speak. Of course, monochrome seems to be my greatest obsession, like this grey chunky knit jumper. Although I do like adding some contrast and a pop of colour with a cosy scarf like this tartan beauty (tartan just never gets old, does it?)

My New Balances will hopefully last me another autumn, although I will probably be wearing them until they physically fall apart. It's true shoe love. I've really started loving distressed jeans lately - bit late on the bandwagon with that one. I love how they add a casual edge but are so easy to dress up with cute camis and floaty tops should you want to. They're also rather wonderful for Slouchy Sunday's (my favourite day) and the good old cliched woodland walks. 

What are you loving most about autumn?

Katie x