Menorca Travel Guide & Photo Diary

I went on holiday to Menorca last month...if you hadn't noticed...sorry for the holiday spam! I think it's safe to say it's a place I know well after holidaying there many times (I've literally lost count) and an island that I've loved exploring over the years. Menorca is a Spanish island, floating around in the lovely, warm Mediterranean and only around a two hour flight from the UK. It's becoming quite a popular holiday spot these days but I still love finding the hidden coves and areas untouched by tourism. I've put together a little photo diary below along with some of my favourite places and hot spots on the island.

Favourite hot spots

Ciutadella - oh my, what a beautiful, old city. If shopping, cobbled streets and street cafes are your kind of thing then Ciutadella is a must visit. Boutiques line the winding streets, tapas is on every corner and did I mention froyo? So much froyo. Evening is my favourite time to visit Ciutadella, when the day is cooling off and the city lights up. Recommendations: Restaurant Cas Consol will BLOW YOUR MIND. The food is great but the views really make it - sit outside and watch the sunset over the marina. You're welcome.

Ciutadella - photo credit

Restaurant Cas Consol - photo credit

Mahon - the capital of Menorca is a lovely, old city perched on a huge harbour/port. It's rather on the hilly side so prepare yourself for lots of walking! If you like modern shops like Mango, perfume shops and street cafes then definitely give Mahon a visit. There are some lovely places to eat along the harbour too and the city really comes alive in the evening. Recommendations: Il Porto is a lovely, vintage-meets-chic restaurant and perfect if you love seafood. They also had a deal on certain meals where you get a free sangria - er, bonus?!

Son Xoriguer - probably my favourite beach in Menorca (hello bold statement). It was a little trek from the car park but so worth it to be greeted with the clearest turquoise sea and white sand. There are loads of little private coves as well as the larger beach with a cafe and water sports. This was definitely my favourite place for a dip in the sea, so pretty and warm!

Son Xoriguer

Arenal d'en Castell - yet another one of my favourite beaches which stretches out for miles - well, not quite, but it is one of the bigger beaches in Menorca. I love how spacious it is so you don't end up practically perched on top on another family with Topless Barbara right in your face, getting hit by the football her plethora of kids are kicking (sorry, I'm not an anti-social sunbather AT ALL. But seriously, don't sunbathe anywhere near me and don't disturb me unless it's for a mojito). The beach cafe bar is so ideal and serves great lunches - hello calamari and cocktails. It's also a pretty good spot for snorkelling!

Cala'n Bosch - one of my favourite places to stay on the island, the marina is a hub of chic restaurants, bars and ice cream shops. It's fairly bustling at night but not overly loud or rowdy and a lovely place for some dinner and cocktails! Recommendations: a little out of the marina but Restaurant Es Far at the lighthouse is perfect. Have a late dinner, enjoy their seafood and watch the sunset over the sea (and take some Insta-worthy snaps!) I also 100% recommend Bigfoot Menorca - we hired a private yacht and spent the morning visiting some amazing coves and jumping in the sea! 

Have you been to Menorca before or have anywhere to add to the list? We're hopefully heading to Portugal next year which I'm excited about! As much as I adore Menorca I'm looking forward to exploring somewhere different. 

Katie x


Distressed Denim

Happy Sunday lovelies. I always find Sunday to be a weird day - I love the slouching around and chilled vibes but then it means the weekend is almost over! We went roaming around for some outfit photos this week and stumbled across this street full of ice cream coloured houses - how cute are they. I popped in to Hollister recently and snapped up a pair of their jeans for just £29 at their outlet store in Braintree, such a bargain. My wardrobe is really lacking variety in terms of jeans so I went on the hunt for some high waisted styles and found the perfect pair in Hollister. It's not somewhere I've ever tried for jeans before but I'm rather impressed - and not just by the price tag! I love the distressed denim and they're pretty damn comfy for a high waisted style. 

Topshop cami | Hollister jeans | ASOS belt | Miss KG boots (via ASOS)

I also treated myself to a mini ASOS haul (because, why not?) and picked up these Miss KG boots in grey. I bought the black pair last year and love them so much I had to get another pair. I did have my eye on the tan colour but they recently brought out the grey and I instantly fell for them. I adore the colour and they've been reduced from £99 to just £59 on ASOS at the moment - hello absolute steal. I promise I'll get some close ups of these beauts soon!

Hollister womens jeans

Another new addition is this ASOS western-style belt. I've seen this style on a few other bloggers (I know, I know. I'm such a sheep) but I love the detailing and the big buckle. I don't often wear belts as I struggle to find styles I like, but this one is definitely a new favourite and so easy to throw on with jeans, denim shorts and cute skirts to add some detailing. 

What do you think to this outfit? Have you ever tried Hollister jeans?

Katie x


Turtle Bay - Chelmsford VIP Launch

Bringing some spice to the blog today! I was invited to the launch party for Turtle Bay, a Caribbean restaurant opening in Chelmsford. As a massive foodie, I jumped at the chance and enjoyed an evening full of delicious food, reggae music and of course, plenty of rum. I love trying new food and the Caribbean offering at Turtle Bay certainly did not disappoint. I started the evening off with a Caribbean Pimms (who knew Pimms could get even better?!) it had a lovely fresh flavour with a hint of ginger for a gentle kick. 

Caribbean Pimms and Passion Fruit Cooler 

Walking in to Turtle Bay, I could see the place was buzzing. The reggae music drifted out the door and along the street, and we were greeted at the door by some very happy waiters! I loved seeing how much fun the staff were having, it really brought the place to life and made you feel welcome. The thing that immediately struck me was the amazing decor. I'm a secret interior nerd and spent the first 15 minutes doing a lap of the restaurant and taking it all in; pretty lanterns dangled from the ceiling, shipping containers transformed into seating areas, bottles of rum lined the bar and bright murals exploded across the walls. The atmosphere was nothing short of lively, especially combined with some live music. It's so different to other restaurants/bars around the area so I think it'll definitely be a hit. 

I also tried the Bay Bramble cocktail which was a fruity blackberry flavour, followed by another Caribbean Pimms (honestly, I couldn't get enough of the stuff). I tried some of the spicy jerk pork belly which blew my mind...and my mouth! The pork was so tender and packed with flavour. Next up were the jerk pulled pork burgers - really wishing I'd got some photos but I was too busy stuffing my face. Soz. The burgers had so much flavour and were served in a brioche bun too so definitely a winner in my eyes. 

Bay Bramble cocktails and By The Bay (non-alcoholic)

I'm looking forward to popping back to Turtle Bay to try some more of their dishes now that the Chelmsford restaurant is officially open, and maybe sample some more of their delicious cocktails! (I have my eye on Jammin' and the Koko Colada). I've been told they do 2 for 1 cocktails 11.30am - 7pm (and after 10pm) all you know where to find me. Have you been to a Turtle Bay restaurant before? If so, let me know what I need to try on my next visit!

Katie x


The little things

Impulsive post today. It's a Monday afternoon, around 3.30pm, and I'm at Liverpool Street station on my way back home after a day with my family up North. I'm walking down the steps to the toilets, rummaging around for change because London charges you for a wee (I know right). As per usual, I'm in my own little world, planning my next 15 minutes before the train arrives which usually involves where to grab a tea (because I'm exhausted and desperate for a caffeine fix) and deciding whether to indulge in some biscuits to go with said tea. Which is a yes, obviously. I hear someone shout, "excuse me" and obliviously I carry on, shortbread biscuits or cookies? Hmm. They shout again, except this time they're much closer and it must be aimed at me. I turn awkwardly, trying not to catapult myself down the stairs, and a man comes bounding down the steps to my left. He smiles and I'm somewhat unnerved/still thinking about biscuits. "Hi" I manage, because I'm not well versed in talking to strangers especially when I'm on my way to the loo. He says, "I'm sorry to stop you and I know you're very young. I just wanted to tell you, you're beautiful." 

For once in my life, I am completely speechless. I mean, my first thoughts are that my hair's a mess, my face has that oily sheen from sitting on public transport for hours, I'm wearing my scruffiest boyfriend-fit jeans and I know for a fact I have RBF going on (Resting Bitch Face for those unaware)...and you're complimenting me? Bloody hell. He says this as he starts turning to go back up the stairs, so I manage a "thank you...thanks!" I mean, what do normal people say in this situation? I was very flattered but I had no idea what to say and thought "are you sure?!" was probably not an option. I run down the stairs to the toilet, my brain's in a complete fog. Don't get me wrong, my boyfriend tells me I'm beautiful but he kind of has to, right?! Joking, he's very complimentary of his own accord. The whole thing was so unprompted, unexpected and surreal. It's funny how a few words can change your entire attitude and lift your mood. 

There needs to be more people like this gentleman in the world, don't you think? He didn't ask for anything from me, he didn't seem to want anything from me, just complimented me and walked away (or I ran away...I can't remember which). It left me with a smile...and slightly blushed, I'M AWKARD OKAY. And I'm not ashamed to say it gave me a confidence boost. I strutted out of those toilets with my bed-head held high! So, to the guy at Liverpool Street station, thank you. We need more people like you in this world. People who aren't afraid to compliment others and put a smile on their face. How many times do you see someone you wished you had said something to? Even if it's complimenting another girl on her dress. There's so much negativity around these days, I think that's why I was shocked at first. I half expected him to say, "your flies are undone and we can see EVERYTHING." This world needs positive people who just want to spread some joy and aren't afraid to say what they see. Even if you can't see it yourself. 

Peace and love - because I'm in a hippie mood today.

Katie x