Lace up

And the sunshine continues! I'm loving this weather, aren't you? I might not be getting much sleep 'cause of the heat but I'm actually getting to wear some of my summer wardrobe for once and I don't feel guilty about buying some new summery outfits (sorry bank balance). One of my latest purchases is this lace up top - I've been eyeing up this style for a while now and love how it adds a bit of glam to a casual look. I came across this bargain last week and at only £14.99 I had to snap it up! 

Miss Selfridge lace up top | Topshop Mom shorts (similar) | Torres Menorcan sandals (similar here and here) | Ray Ban sunglasses

Summer also means saying goodbye to boots and shoes and saying hello to sandals. My sandal collection has grown significantly this summer, it's so nice to have more than my usual one pair to choose from! I picked up these Menorcan style sandals on holiday in Menorca from a brand called Torres. They are insanely comfortable for summer (no sweaty feet here) and the tassels are so cute. Although I have started to realise I have a serious obsession with tassels and fringing so I might need to calm down before I have a wardrobe full. If you like this style of sandals, I've included some similar versions above for you!

I've got so much use out of these shorts this summer too - I bought these last year but there are some similar versions in the link above. They are hands down the most comfortable denim shorts I've ever come across. Sometimes I find high-waisted denim shorts uncomfortable and really thick, but these are perfect for summer...although the rips keep getting bigger with time so I'm not sure how much longer they'll last. Cry face.  

What do you think of this look? Hope you're enjoying this lovely weather!

Katie x


Holiday Outfits Part Two: Stripes and Sunsets

Erm, this weather has made a bit of a turnaround hasn't it?! After coming back from holiday to monsoon showers last week, I'm more than happy to see the sunshine. I half expected to be donning some wellies and a rain mac for the rest of the summer. I'm also in that post-holiday stage of needing to keep the tan topped up before I go back to being the palest person on the planet, so the sun is welcome to stick around! I'm so happy I've managed to get this playsuit back out - I thought I'd never get the chance to wear it again with our unpredictable summer. I saw the long-sleeved version of this playsuit a while back and so nearly bought it, but I decided on the shorter version for summer and I'm a sucker for an off-the-shoulder look. 

Missguided playsuit | Primark bag | Ravel sandals | Ray Ban Aviators

I may have mentioned these sandals a few times/every week but I bloomin' love them. You know when you just find a trusty pair of sandals and it's literally love? I could walk for miles in them and the tassels are just too cute. (They're also in the sale btw! But please don't buy the tan pair before I do. Honestly, if you nick the last size 6's I will cry/come looking for you). By chance, I found a matching in Primark for £6 and these two became my ultimate holiday accessories. 

These outfit pics were taken on my recent holiday to Menorca (which I may have been banging on about for the past two weeks on Insta...I have holiday blues, okay?!) I've visited Menorca several times and absolutely love the place. I mean, how could you not with sunsets like this. I'll pop a travel guide up on the blog soon in case you fancy a read! If you look closely in the background, you can see the outline of Mallorca which is pretty cool (if you're a nerd like me).

Hope you're having a lovely week enjoying the sunshine!

Katie x

P.S. Thank you to my brother-from-the-same-mother Sam for the wonderful photography :-)


Holiday Outfits Part One: Playsuits and coral

Hola beauties! Well, today was a tough day. Serious holiday blues AND it's Monday. Crikey. I'm cheering myself up/depressing myself by looking through my Menorca holiday snaps and thought I'd post one of my favourite summer holiday looks! This playsuit is an absolute dream and perfect for the Mediterranean heat. I love the light, breezy fabric and the beautiful embroidered detailing, the peekaboo neckline adds to the summer evening vibes. I've paired it with my favourite sandals this summer and matching Primark bag. Seriously loving these coral and burnt orange tones for this season, especially paired with white and a tan (doesn't everything look better with a tan?!)

I wish I'd got some better pics of the front of this playsuit...but I had a major fashion fail with my bra! I would totally recommend either a 'U plunge' style bra or a stick on as I didn't realise mine was on show so much. Eek. Luckily it's such a versatile playsuit so you can have as much or as little on show as you want! I had a fab time gallivanting around this gorgeous old city as the sun was setting - perfect for outfit pics. I'll be doing a full travel post soon with some of the best hot spots, places to go and things to see so keep your eyes peeled boys and girls!

Writing this post has made me miss holiday so much. Someone take me back to hot summer days, sandy beaches and warm Mediterranean evenings. Might have to put this playsuit away until next time the rate this British weather is going! 

Katie x


My top hayfever remedies

Anyone who suffers from hayfever will know it's absolute hell. Summer turns into your worst nightmare, sitting outside is pure pain, heck, even opening a window is risky business. Panda eyes is your summer beauty trend, you're constantly being asked if you have a cold ('no, still hayfever') and your pockets/bag are filled with a never-ending supply of tissues. I've suffered with hayfever for as long as I remember, so I like to think of myself as a 'pollen pro' (totally just made that up but I'm coining that one!) There really is nothing pleasant about hayfever, I've turned into one of those people who gets excited when it rains. I've pretty much got my rain dance down. So, as much as it likes to take over my life/make me look like a snotty toddler, I've picked up a few tips and tricks over the years to combat hayfever and make summer that little bit more bearable. 

1. Ginger tea

Apart from the obvious antihistamines like Clarityn and Piriteze, there are alternative natural antihistamines. I give you, ginger tea. Now I'll be honest, it's not my favourite tea (it has quite a zing) but it's not the worst herbal tea I've tried either. If you can get over the spiciness, I find it really soothes my hayfever symptoms - particularly the sneezing and runny nose. I usually have this straight after being outside to bring some relief. I don't have more than two cups a day though, as too much ginger can allegedly cause indigestion and heartburn. No thank you! If you want something to ease you in, I fully recommend Twinings Ginger and Lime tea (available at most supermarkets). Chamomile tea is rumoured to also have antihistamine effects and is well-known for its relaxing properties (just what you need after 15 sneezes in a row). I'm not the biggest fan of the taste, even after mixing it with honey, but if you like a mild vanilla-type flavour then this might work for you. 

2. Sunglasses

Not just a fashion statement! I love sunglasses for many reasons - I won't leave the house without a pair, even on a cloudy day. They do a decent job at offering some protection from that evil pollen, floating about waiting to pounce on its unsuspecting victims. I find that wearing sunglasses minimises the 'have-you-been-crying' watery panda eyes and although they say that wraparound sunglasses are the best for this, any that are large in size should help.   

3. Honey (*oh sugar, sugar)

*If you didn't get the above reference, shame on you. Now some people believe eating local honey can relive hayfever symptoms, however it hasn't been scientifically proven. I'm one of those who swears by this remedy. For the best results, start eating local honey on a daily basis before the hayfever season starts. That's not to say it won't work if you start later (I often do) but it does take a while to get in to your system and to have an effect. Don't expect results overnight. I've been using local honey now for years, having a teaspoon with breakfast every morning, and I personally find it relieves my symptoms.  And tastes bloomin' lovely. 

4. Vaseline

Oh hey there Vaseline! Got to love a multi-tasker. I often apply a thin layer below my nose when going outside. Now, it can make you look a little shiny around the nose if you apply too much so don't go too crazy. A thin layer should trap any pollen and prevent it from being breathed in. There are products on the high street that do this (one example is Hay-Max) which are slightly less shiny but I personally think they cost a lot for what they are - especially when trust old Vaseline can do the same job! 

Do you have any top tips for fellow hayfever sufferers or have you tried any of the above? Let me know in a comment below!

Katie x