Festive treats

I've been waiting to get all festive on the blog, and what better way to kick it all off than with FOOD. As a food enthusiast (imagine putting that on your CV), Christmas tends to be my favourite time of year with baking, turkey, roasties, Yorkshire puds, mince pies and all of the festive treats. I was sent this batch of goodies from the guys at East of England Co-op (we've collaborated before here - basically they know I'm a massive foodie). 

Drinks: Shawsgate Vineyard sparkling rose (2011) & Woodforde's Brewery Tinsel Toes Ale

It's not Christmas without a tipple or two am I riiiiiight. I haven't cracked these open yet but plan to very soon! The sparkling rose is right up my street and has been put to one side for a very merry Christmas eve. The ale has been bagsied (do people still even use that phrase?!) by my papa who is planning on indulging in it when the fam all come to visit at Christmas. 

Treats: Leggs Bakery mince pies & Hadleigh Maid Christmas Whirls 

I have such a sweet tooth so I massively enjoyed these. I'm always wary about mince pies as I feel like shop bought ones can be a bit cardboardy and won't live up to my mama's homemade beauties, but these Legg bakery creations are perfection. They're a good size, full of flavour and the filling has that mix of citrus and spice that just works. The whole pack was gone in 48 hours!

The Christmas whirls = pure chocolate heaven. I saved one for my boyfriend and did the whole "no it's fine you can have it" hoping he would say no...but he didn't. They're basically a marshmallow encased in thick milk chocolate and they are pretty dreamy. 

All of these products are locally sourced from around Essex, Suffolk and the East of England - I love that this range supports local suppliers and companies especially at this time of year. All of the above will be available in store on 4th December (if I don't beat you to it and buy all of the Christmas whirls, that is).

Katie x


Khaki and fur

Miss Selfridge coat | Oasis jumper | Topshop jeans.

Good Lord it's cold. Anyone else in like 500 layers right now? I have my thermal socks on and everything. I snapped up this coat in the House of Fraser discount event a few weekends ago and managed to get 20% off! Love a bargain. I actually saw this coat online first but my size had sold out, so when I saw it in the HOF store I had to get it. I'm a fan of khaki at the moment so this coat is the perfect addition to my winter wardrobe especially with the big fur collar. 

Scuse the weird faces, this was a rushed OOTD shoot before it started raining again! Seriously can't be doing with cold weather, I really feel the need to hibernate or migrate to somewhere hot and sunny. Who's with me?

Katie x


London Adventure

I can't believe how long it's been since I last blogged! So much has happened in the last month, I swear I've blinked and missed it (how is it November already?) I started my new job at the end of October which is going really well and loving every minute. As well as this, I've been maxed out every weekend which has sadly left no time for my little blog. 

I had a weekend in London a few weeks ago with my boyfriend and brother, which saw us visit Shake Shack for the first time (ALL of the noms) and giving ICEBAR another visit - forever one of my favourite quirky bars in London. Then on the Saturday morning we decided to climb the O2. Heights really aren't my thing, along with physical activity, climbing or being up before 10am on a Saturday...but it turned out to be really good. We arrived just in the nick of time (cheers to the Uber driver who took us on the longest detour ever), got kitted out and ready to go. 

We had a few fetching snaps taken, then walked up one of the steepest part of the climb. The heights things really wasn't an issue as you can't really see anything but the dome until you get on to the viewing deck at the top. Even then it feels totally safe and if you're anything like me, you'll be so grateful to stop and breathe for a minute the heights won't matter! Our guide, Ross, was a fab crazy Scottish dude and the whole thing took about an hour.

I also have to mention Hub by Premier Inn. Have you stayed there before? It's a quirky little hotel in St Martins Lane and is literally the most space-saving hotel I've ever seen. The desk pulls out form the end of the bed, the clothes rail is behind the mirror! Oh, and you can control everything from an app on your phone (lighting, do not disturb, temperature) which, for a nerd like me, was brilliant. The bed was actually comfy, the bathroom had a rainfall shower (er hello) and the breakfast I chose was the Metro box which has fresh porridge with honey and a pastry. Pretty blooming awesome. Here's to the crazy weekends.

Katie x

P.S. None of this was sponsored for me! My brother-from-the-same-mother planned this epic weekend in collaboration with HP. Check out his sponsored post here).