Lumie: My new best friend

Introducing my new best friend, Lumie. This little ray of sunshine is my favourite thing in the world right now. I know right, bold statement. It's a known fact that I hate winter and dark mornings are my idea of hell - I literally have to be turfed out of bed. If it wasn't for my three alarms and my boyfriend pulling me out of bed, I would happily stay there until daylight streams through the window to wake me from my slumber. But hey, places to go and work to do.

My parents got me this light alarm clock for Christmas and to say it's changed me is an understatement. 7am doesn't seem so bad when you're gradually being woken up with light instead of a screaming alarm - all you do is set it to start gradually lighting up half an hour before you're due to wake up. I usually end up waking up earlier than I need to because of this but it's so nice to feel refreshed rather than rush around after hitting the snooze button one too many times!

I also use the 'sunset' option too so when I'm getting ready for bed it gradually dims which is super relaxing. I like getting into bed when the light has about 5-10 minutes left and is giving a warm, cosy glow. The set up isn't the easiest/I'm not the best with instructions but once you've had a play it's pretty simple and SO worth it. If you struggle with waking up in the morning or even struggle unwinding for bed in the evenings this is literally perfect. Totally recommend it! Click here to see the full range. 

Katie x


This month I'm loving...H&M Sportswear

So I don't mean to be a massive January cliche here, but I've recently invested in some more sportswear! I keep fit most of the time (because I would quite happily be a couch potato otherwise) and I thought it was time to replace my battered boyfriend-fit tees. I've always been one of those people that just throws on anything for a workout because hey, I'm going to sweat either way right? 

Browsing on H&M I noticed they have a really good sportswear range. I don't like spending much money on gymwear so the fact that H&M had neat designs for a high street price was a hit with me. The sports bra has a great print and fits well. It's perfect for going under baggy racer-back tops like this grey one.

I also LOVE this yoga mat. It's not the cheapest but I've been struggling to find one that's a good size (I'm 5ft8 and when I'm lying down or stretching I tend to be half-off the mat haha). I'm a huge fan of the minimalistic colour scheme and as it's made from rubber it is super grippy so no sliding around and accidentally doing the splits (I wish). 

Katie x


Black & White

Pull and Bear coat | H&M knit | Topshop jeans | M&S boots | Pasty face - all mine!

Oh my. How's a girl meant to blog in this weather?! I've been trying to find a spot away from the wind but that didn't we'll have to pretend I'm not a complete windswept mess here. This Pull and Bear coat is my new obsession; I tend to go through phases of wearing just one coat day in, day out for months. I love the fluffy collar, oversized style and it's super warm. (Which is a bonus as I'm the coldest person on the planet). I'm really into a good slouchy knit at the moment, this sparkly number is new to the array of jumpers spilling out of my wardrobe.  

Hope you're having a good week!

Katie x