It's Christmaaaaas!

It's nearly here! This is definitely one of my favourite times of year - mainly because of the decorations. They make home so much more cosy don't they? This year I have my own little flat to decorate with my boyfriend. I get overexcited by home furnishings anyway so didn't need much excuse to go a bit Christmas crazy. I think we decorated the tree in about 3 minutes flat - after we untangled the massive knot of lights (how do they get so tangled?!) We went for a real tree which I love...when we remember to water it. The heart door decoration is from a cute shop called Pavilion in Godalming.

Next have some amazing decorations so we stocked up on some red and white baubles for a traditional look. The gold baubles and pine cones are from Sainsburys (they had a price cut the other day so worth a look!) and my all-time favourite bauble, the snow globe, is from Pavilion in Godalming. 

How diddy is this mini poinsettia! We wanted something little to sit on the table and at £2 from Homebase this was ideal. Although with my track record of watering plants, it might be dead in a day or two...

Have you got your decorations up yet?

Katie x


Living in the fast lane

I'm baaaack (she says, hoping no-one has noticed she's not blogged in forever). I was getting pretty damn good at this blogging malarky and then I became the busiest person overnight. Next weekend is my first weekend in two months where I have NOTHING planned. It's going to be amazing. I'm not sure I'm actually going to leave my bed. 

Another few excuses: it's dark pretty much all the time now. Dark + outfit pics = not working for me. I also got addicted to Prison Break and watch four series in just over a month. So if anything, blame Prison Break for my absence. 

Now that's out of the way, I have loads of blog posts lined up mainly including fur, fluff and black (because I blummin love black). I recently bought this amazing Pull and Bear coat, and it had 20% off that day too so I'm even more in love with it. More photos of this furry beauty to come!

Katie x


Essex Fashion Week

I attended Essex Fashion Week last Saturday (yes it's an actual thing!) I was invited along as VIP to see some of Essex's best brands showcase their collections. They hosted EFW at the Lakeside Marquee in Fairlop Waters Country Park, a gorgeous venue, which was filled with girls in glitzy dresses and guys in sleek suits.

I wore my Boohoo jumpsuit, chunky coral heels and a fluffy jacket as a cape. My hair was styled by Benjamin Charles who I can't thank enough for making my crazy mane look this glam and can't recommend enough! If you're around Essex you should check out Benn and his team.

It's hard to pick out a favourite moment from EFW but there are a few brands who clearly stole the show for me, one of which was Jane Norman. I was well aware of this brand before Essex Fashion Week and always stop by when popping to Lakeside shopping centre. I love the tailored suits, monochrome styles (I'm a bit obsessed with monochrome), the bold patterns and the bodycon style dresses - they really have nailed autumn/winter fashion and I can only imagine the choice there'll be for the party season!

Another personal favourite was Matthew Hubble. Matthew invited me to see his collection at London Fashion Week but I sadly couldn't make it. Little did I know his collection would be gracing the EFW catwalk! Inspired by science and engineering, Matthew Hubble's collection was an array of bright colours, texture and structure (a personal favourite was the pink cut out style dress above). I love the way his engineering background has transcended in to his fashion line and I think this is definitely one designer to watch out for.

Freeport, the shopping centre at Braintree, also hit the runway for Essex Fashion Week sporting a range of designers. Pictured above are a few of my personal favourites including the monochrome coat, glitzy maxi dress and the Parisian style dressed down look. They had a great menswear range collection too with dapper suits and casual checked shirts. 

As well as being VIP and having front row (which was awesome and daunting at the same time. I mean, you literally have nowhere to hide if you want to stuff your face with food) we also received goodie bags packed with makeup from sponsor Kryolan, accessories from Jane Norman, magazines and more. 

Other brands included Confetti and Couture (wedding dresses), Dirty Angels (a menswear brand to keep an eye on!), Dentelle Bleue (some gorgeous dresses), Kryolan (amazing makeup) and Trying To Live (which seemed to have iconic style all of its own with such simplicity). 

Finally, a huge thanks to Danielle and Miss Penguin PR for the invite and for a fab night! Here's to Essex Fashion Week 2015 ;)

Katie x


Monochrome Madness

Missguided dress | Primark heels

Finaaaally blogging about this dress! I've had it a while now but haven't had the chance to get it up on the blog (terrible excuse right). It's quickly become my go-to dress for nights out...I'm not normally a shift dress kind of girl as they usually look too baggy on me but this one is a good fit and well-tailored. I love the t-shirt style too - it makes it so easy to dress up or down. The only problem I have is that it's a bit short (but hey, I'm a bit tall) so sitting down in it is not ideal but nothing that can't be solved by a big bag across the lap! ;)

What do you think of this style?

Katie x


All black everything

F&F top | Primark skirt | Primark heels

Change of scenery today! I love my flat but I do miss having a garden for blog pics. I took advantage of the boyfriend's parents being away this weekend so got lots of snaps in their lovely green garden. I bought this skirt a few weeks ago - as usual it was an impulse buy. I seem to be buying a lot of fur and fluff at the moment but hey I'ma be SO SNUGGLY when it gets cold. My only regret is not buying the co-ord top so fingers crossed they'll still have it in stock. 

I've teamed my fluffy skirt with my new fave top from F&F. I am seriously loving their autumn collection and they had 25% off at the weekend so it's safe to say I indulged! I love knitted texture and the mesh panelling - perfect for daytime and glamming it up for the evening. 

What do you think of this outfit? Have you bought from F&F?

Katie x


Faux Fur and Rips

Primark Jumper | Boohoo Jeans | New Look boots (last season)

I'm baaack. I feel like I haven't blogged in ages, life has been very hectic! I have tons of outfits to get up on the blog and had to start with this one. I've been lusting after ripped jeans for a while but wasn't sure which style to get. I settled with this black skinny pair which literally go with everything, definitely going to get a denim blue pair next. Now, let's talk about this jumper. I think it's a bit of a 'marmite'. The boyfriend wasn't too sure BUT I love it. 

It's another Primark find and I love the layered faux fur style. As soon as I put it on I felt super cosy and like I was in an everlasting bear hug, so naturally it ended up at the checkout. Looking forward to styling it for an evening out with a statement necklace and a bright lip. What do you think, are you a faux fur fan?

Katie x


Parisian Chic

Next shirt | Topshop jeans | New Look sandals

Bonjour beauts! I recently came back from the beautiful city of Paris. I love Paris and having been for Christmas, I really wanted to go in the summer too. It was everything I'd hoped, hot weather, sunshine, street cafes and bars buzzing with people. I only took one lot of outfit photos, mainly because I got carried away wandering around the city! (Will do a post on visiting Paris and the best places to go soon). 

I went for casual chic, teaming an oversized shirt with matte black jeans and my trusty sandals for plenty of walking. I took a few more outfit pics over on my Instagram at katiestylinguist as well as general Paris photos if you fancy taking a peek! 

Katie x



V FEEEEST! I had the best time here on Saturday. Did anyone else go? I'd never been to a big festival before and it was everything I had hoped it would be. I saw Kodaline who were amazing live and really got the crowd going. Huge love for their talent and their beautiful songs. I then saw Foxes in the Arena Tent - so much energy and always so spot on with her fashion! We were lucky enough to stumble across a small acoustic set with Foxes later that evening - her voice is perfection especially when stripped back on an acoustic set (check out my Insta for videos and photos).  

I finally saw Bastille who I've been listening to for YEARS since before they got on the radio. I've never got round to seeing them live, always missing out on tickets by minutes. All the waiting paid off though and their set was incredible with the whole crowd singing along and Dan bouncing around the stage with boundless energy. Ed Sheeran and Mr Timberlake put an amazing finish to the best day.

I can't believe how tired I was from all the walking and bouncing around?! I wore my trusty Boohoo bomber, ASOS leather bumbag (these are the best invention for festivals - so hassle free), Topshop denim shorts and Primark slouch tee and boots (these boots were a Godsend - definitely my festival staple from now on!)

Things I'd recommend? 

VIP. We upgraded at last minute and it was the best decision ever - no queues for toilets, more toilets (nicer too), loads of places to sit, eat and drink AND there were hammocks for an in-between-gigs snooze. 
Wet wipes. After two taps exploding and drenching me, I was pretty happy that we'd bought wet wipes with us. Plus, their perfect for getting rid of saucy fingers (from sauce, obvs). 
Mophie phone case. Basically charges your phone when you run out of battery - definitely needed it after taking lots of photos! 
Bottle of water for the way in. We were stood in a very long, hot queue in the sunshine for over an hour. SO THIRSTY.

Katie x



Boohoo Jumpsuit | Primark sandals.

LOVING this jumpsuit. And not just because it's in the sale. I've been on the hunt for a jumpsuit for ages but I've never been able to find one that fits right and is long enough (damn long legs). I've actually had to roll this one up slightly! This beaut is from Boohoo and is a really flattering fit with contour style sides - I'm massively in to monochrome too so this ticks all the boxes. It's quite a snug fit due to the fabric, but I quite like that! Unfortunately really loose styles just look too big and floaty on me. It comes with a belt that nips you in a bit more at the waist too.

What do you think? Are you a jumpsuit fan?

Katie x


LIFETALK: Get over the grudge

I don't normally write posts like this. My blog is mainly fashion-fuelled ramblings about my ever-evolving style (which is always dependent on my mood). But every now and then, it's good to take a risk and write something a little different. I'm not really sure why I chose this topic; maybe because I used to be someone who could easily hold a grudge for weeks if not months...and now? I can't be arsed. Not in a bad way, or even a lazy way, but in a life-is-too-short-and-I-forgot-to-make-lunch-for-tomorrow kinda way. 

As a teenager, I was awesome at holding grudges. If there was a competition for it, I'd have won ten times over. It's pretty terrible looking back - I wasted so much time holding a grudge for something so small. Worrying about tiny details, spending my time determined to hold on and not give in to the other person (I'm extremely stubborn. It's my genetics...stubborn mother + equally stubborn father. Not much choice!) 

I haven't held a grudge against someone for a long time now. I think, as you grow up, you realise how stupid it is and that words can solve pretty much anything - which is another thing I wish younger me had known (I had the 'silent treatment' reaction down. Another gold medal for me if it had been a contest). It's so much easier to talk to someone, explain the situation or just let it go, even if you have to take your time to get your head round a situation before solving it. But arms folded, pure resentment, 24/7? Totally not worth the time or stress. 

I actually read this article which talks about anger, holding grudges, and how it can hurt your health. Ageing, stress, stress-related illnesses and a knock-on effect on your other relationships are just a few consequences. I'm not saying you have to put up with someone 'wronging' or embarrassing you. I don't let them get away with it, but I don't sit in a bitter silence for days or weeks. As a woman of wisdom once said, 'ain't nobody got time for THAT'. (And if you don't know that quote, you are clearly not on YouTube enough).

Katie x


Festival: Tropical Denim

So excited for V Fest! Anyone else heading to Chelmsford this year? I haven't been to one of the 'big' festivals before so really looking forward to it and to seeing some awesome artists including Bastille and Foxes (absolute faves). Forward planning a bit but here's my festival outfit! I've paired my new bomber jacket which I love with a black crop top, high-waisted denim shorts and my go-to sandals (although I'll definitely be having some wellies/boots handy!)

What do you think of this festival outfit and what will you be wearing at festivals this year?

Katie x


SKIN: Holiday Prep

Have I mentioned I've been on holiday?! I'm sure it's all I'm talking about at the moment. Before going on holiday, I always do a ton of prep to get my skin ready for the sunshine and to avoid peeling AT ALL COSTS. No way am I losing a tan I only just got. I'm fair skinned with blue eyes and freckles - all of which go against me and my dream of a gorgeous dark tan. But hey, I'm okay with it. Because of this, I do everything I can to help the tanning process along. 

Soap and Glory: The Scrub of Your Life

Divine. I love this stuff for many reasons. It's a proper gritty scrub so it feels like it's actually doing something, it lathers up so also feels moisturising and it smells amaaaaaze. I use the scrub all over - particularly arms and legs to get rid of any dry skin so I'm ready to get my tan on. And so I don't flake everywhere on the beach. Not a good look. 

Vaseline Moisturiser: Spray & Go

STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING. I can't get enough of this Vaseline moisturiser. It sprays from a can = easy application (and meaning it doesn't collect in the lid like normal moisturisers, don't you hate it when it does that?) Oh, and this one contains cocoa butter. Did I mention I love cocoa butter? I'm bloody mad for it. Note - it doesn't taste as good as it smells. So yeah, don't eat it.

John Frieda Frizz Ease

I hate the holiday frizz. My hair's naturally wavy (fab) but once humidity gets involved I look like I've been electrocuted and back-combed at the same time (not fab). A dollop of this stuff, run through mid lengths and ends and voila, tame mane. I use it on both wet and dry hair - it works best on wet but stills fights the frizz on dry hair too!

Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Waterproof Mascara

One day I'll find a knock out waterproof mascara that does everything I want it to. Until then, I'm settling for Maybelline's Colossal Waterproof mascara. It's a great mascara if I'm honest, but after jumping in the pool you will have a little bit of panda eye going on. So it's not 100% waterproof BUT it gives you lovely thick lashes - just make sure you give it a good wiggle when putting it on as it can clump. 

Burt's Bees Lip Balms

All hail Burt's Bees! I am forever thankful to Burt and his bees for making these lip balms. I love both of these as they banish dry lips (which I always get after being in the sea for some reason?) The dark cased lip balm 'Hibiscus' is tinted and gives a subtle pinky red colour which is perfect for hot days. 

Have you tried any of these? What do you think of them?

Katie x

P.S. Excuse the weird lighting, it's hard to find a nice white wall in natural light in my new flat!


Aqua Blue

H&M bikini (in store) | Menorca views! And crazy mane - all mine unfortunately.

Does anyone else sit flicking through all their holiday photos for days after being back? I can't stop looking at them and hoping for some sunshine in the UK! I decided I had to share my love for H&M's bikinis. I love that you can mix and match sizes as being a 6/8 on top and an 8/10 bottoms can make things tricky! I tried to mix and match a set in Topshop but was told you have to buy 8 bottoms if you buy an 8 top. Very annoying for people who aren't the same size straight up and down :(

H&M have loads of styles and designs to choose from - I settled on this beaut aqua blue bikini. The top is really flattering, giving a slight lift (hey boobies) whilst having no underwire which makes it super comfy. I love the halter style and the matching bottoms. Definitely got a lot of wear out of this bikini and plenty of compliments on the colour! I bought another gem from H&M so keep your eyes peeled for another fav next week.

Have you tried H&M for bikinis? Where's your go-to place for swimwear?

Katie x

P.S. More holiday pics on my Instagram! Search 'katiestylinguist'.


Sequins in the Sun

Topshop Cami | Primark Skirt | New Look sandals

Hola! I have a major case of holiday blues right now. Just got back from Menorca and 31 degree heat to rain and massive storms. Wah. No topping up the tan for me. I managed to do a few outfit shoots out there, but to be honest I spent most of the time asleep on a sun lounger!

I bought this skirt a few weeks ago and it has to be my fav purchase from Primark. I'm quite a lover of Primark and they really outdid themselves with this amazing sequin and embellished skirt. Perfect for nights out or hot evenings. I've teamed it with my Topshop cami and some tan sandals - I love the fit of the skirt as it's not too tight but still has some structure to it. Looking forward to taking it out on the town next!

Katie x

P.S. High five to my mama for the blog pics. Who knew you were such a photographer!


Pastel Pink - Evening

They're back! I can't get enough of these pastel trousers. The waistband is relaxing a bit now they've been washed so I can finally breathe (thank God). I blogged about these trousers last week in a casual bordering-on-nineties look and had a play at glamming them up for an evening look with a cami and strappy heels.

What do you think? I've started pairing these with mint and pastel blue tops too which are perfect for a complete candy look.

Katie x


Pastel Pink

Can't. Breathe. Oh how I love these trousers - their pastel pink colour, high waisted style and slim fit. They fit like a glove, albeit a glove with a rather tight waistband. The things you do for fashion! I am obsessed with these shoes at the moment, they've become my summer staple and go so well with pastels. They have that slightly chunky look without being too big. I do feel a bit nineties in a crop top and trousers - my boyfriend started singing Spice Girls when he saw me wearing this! 

What do you think of this look?

Katie x 


Flower Power

New Look Crop | Primark Shorts | New Look Sandals 

I'm pretty sure I've seen everyone in these shorts - good old Primark! To be fair, Primark have been really on form this year. I loved their spring collection and I'm loving their summer pieces (and who wouldn't say yes to a bargain). I love the floral print, the pastel colours and the skimming shape - perfect for this amazing summer weather (high five to you, England).

I'm a massive fan of these sandals from New Look. I'd been looking for some like this but the big chunky ones just don't look right on me. I look like a 4 year old trying on her mum's shoes. This pair are perfect and I'll be honest, they're probably going to be a summer staple for me which means they'll be in every blog post. Literally.

Hope you're all enjoying the sun/stuck inside working like me ;)

Katie x


EAT: Avocado and Chicken Mini Pizzas

A super quick healthy (ish) lunch - pretty cheap to make too! I've become obsessed with avocado and it goes so well with chicken. I love filling lunches as it stops my terrible 3pm snacking habits (where I eat anything and everything within reach).


Ready cooked chicken breast (found in cold meat aisle)
English Muffins
Tomato Ketchup/puree


ONE: Cut the muffin in half, spread tomato ketchup/puree over both halves. Sprinkle some cheese on.

TWO: Add your ready cooked chicken and sliced avocado. Top with cheese and grill for a couple of minutes (depending on your grill). Keep an eye on them and take them out once the cheese has started to go golden.

THREE: Add some side salad and voila, healthy (ish) summer lunch sorted!

What do you think? Let me know if you try these or any variations of them!

Katie x


Milkshake: Incredible Milk

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like...what's that amazing smell? And I'm like, that's MY MILKSHAKE. Sorry, it had to be done. You can't talk about a product called Milkshake without a Kelis reference somewhere. This stuff has recently become my holy grail. I don't often have a natter about beauty products but this one is so awesome and does exactly what it says it does - got to love a product that does that.

I picked this up from my hairdressers a few weeks ago. It's called Milkshake 'Incredible Milk' and is a leave-in conditioning treatment. I've never been the sort to go for leave-in conditioners but after having a chat with my hairdresser, he recommended it for my terribly damaged hair (no more straighteners for me!) 

After a few weeks using it after every wash (and also in between washes to smooth any frizziness) I can already feel a difference in my hair. It feels thicker, less frizzy and way more glossy. It also smoothes down my flyaways which is perfect as they're the one thing I really hate about my hair. I had been using a cheap Argan Oil and Coconut Milk which smelt great but didn't actually do anything for my dry and damaged hair.

All you need is a little spritz as it's quite thick, so it seems to last quite a while! I've tried finding places to buy it online and Amazon seems to be the main place. Sorry for the essay, but this product really deserves all the hype I'm giving it!

Have you tried anything from the Milkshake range?

Katie x


Contrasting Colours: Sammydress Blazer


Sammydress Jacket* | Primark Dress | Next Heels

Loving this spring weather! I was recently sent this playful blazer by Sammydress, an online fashion store. They have a huge range of stock - it was actually a struggle to pick one thing I wanted but I settled on this collarless blazer style jacket. I love the contrasting hot pink and I've been after a smarter jacket to pair with dresses. 

I love that the cuffs can be rolled down or rolled up to show off the pop of pink. The delivery was pretty quick and the fit is fab. They have lots of product reviews and customer photos for most items which is a huge help for deciding on fit/colour and what the item looks like in real life. I went up a size (to a Medium) based on the reviews and it's perfect!

The material is quite light as it's made from polyester. I'm already getting plenty of wear out of it with this weather! The only thing I'd say is that it's worth the money - it costs $16 so don't expect the material/tailoring of a £50 blazer. But if you're a lover of budget fashion like me, then Sammydress is definitely worth having a look!

Katie x


My Gingham Obsession

Topshop Cami | Primark Gingham Jeans | New Look Coral Chunky Heels

Hi beauties. Hope you all had a fab Bank Holiday weekend! I don't feel like I did much apart from chilling, chores and catching up with family (including babysitting our adorable 5 month old nephew - SO CUTE). I'm so in love with these jeans, I've barely taken them off since I've bought them. Is that gross? I paired them with some casual pastels last week but opted for a cream cami and coral heels for a pop of spring colour this week for a more glam look. 

I'm still playing around with styling these amazing jeans so they're probably going to get a lot of love on the blog over the next few weeks!

What do you think? How would you wear them?

Katie x


Pastel Power

Primark Mint Top | Primark Gingham Jeans | River Island Pumps (old)

How amazing are these Primark gingham jeans? I saw a similar pair in Topshop but then spotted this pastel pair in Primark for an absolute steal of the price. I love the baby blue colour and high waisted style. They're very Clueless (just missing a nineties headband and Paul Rudd!) I've teamed them with my mint quilted tee for some more pastel power and threw in some casual pumps for a daytime look.

I'll probably be featuring these jeans quite a lot over the next few months - they're the perfect summer pair! I'm just on the hunt for a pale pink cami now and some pastel crop tops to team with them. I've also been trying to do my own blow dry but can't seem to get the perfect bounciness that a hairdresser does! Any tips?!

Katie x


Spring Mint

Primark Playsuit | Next Heels

Okay, how good is Primark this season?! They've really hit the fashion nail on the end this year. I've been drooling over pretty much everything in their Spring collection including this mint playsuit which I picked up this weekend from Lakeside. 

I live pretty far away from Primark now that I've moved to Essex so I did a bit of stocking up this weekend! I can't wait to get some more wear out of this when the weather picks up. It's perfect for daytime and evening and I'm thinking of teaming it with some more pastels - coral heels or a baby pink blazer for the ultimate spring look.

What do you think?

Katie x


Acid Wash Jeans - Primark Review

H&M Fluffy Jacket | New Look Top | Camden Market Necklace | Primark Jeans

I've been on the hunt for some acid wash jeans for a while now and spotted this pair in Primark. I've always been a bit unsure about Primark jeans, mainly because they're so cheap I had visions of them suddenly falling apart in the middle of a busy street. I caved in and decided to try these out and I've been pleasantly surprised. After a few wears and washes they've kept their shape and their texture (don't you just hate it when jeans go all 'bobbly'?)

They're a really soft, light material which is perfect for spring/summer. They're a good length too and true to size (I'm wearing a size 8) and after a few weeks wear there are no signs of them unstitching themselves! Overall, for the price, I'm pretty happy with these acid wash jeans and would definitely recommend them if you're on a budget.

Have you tried Primark jeans before? If so, what did you think? I'm tempted to buy another pair as they have some lovely pastel colours!

Katie x


Greyscale Gingham

Topshop Dress | H&M Jacket | New Look Boots

I've caved in and bought yet more checks. Someone send help. I'm sure my wardrobe is pure tartan and gingham at the moment! I bought this jersey marl tank dress from Topshop last week and love its super casual vibe. I've been wearing it with my textured bomber jacket from H&M and my latest shoe crush from New Look, but can't wait till the weather perks up some more so I can team it with a vintage denim shirt for a slouchy look. 

I think it would look ace with hi tops too but just haven't convinced myself to buy some yet! I'm so indecisive when it comes to colour and style, any recommendations?

Katie x


Pretty Pastels

H&M Dress | Primark Belt (old) | New Look Boots

I'm fully embracing spring at the moment! I've always been a lover of pastels and this year is no exception, especially with all the pastel coloured fashion around this season. I picked up this skater dress in H&M and loved the mint colour. It's also backless which is perfect for evenings out and summery days, I just need the weather to wear it now!

I've paired it with a pastel pink belt for uber spring vibes, and ankle boots as it's still a bit nippy outside. I can't wait for the summer when I can team this with white pumps or summer wedges.

What do you think? How would you style this dress?

Katie x


Fluro Folk

Primark Tee | Topshop Skirt | New Look Boots

Hi beauts. Getting back to blogging now I have WiFi in my new pad! I am absolutely head over heels for this skirt from Topshop - I picked it up during a spot of birthday shopping last week and can't wait to get some more wear out of it! It's perfect for spring with its neutral colours with bursts of green and teal. I've paired it with a plain tee and ankle boots for a relaxed look but can't wait to dress it up, maybe with a sequin top or cream cami and strappy heels. 

What do you think?

Katie x