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Casual florals

Is it even spring if you don't wear florals? I do love a floral top and this strappy cami is a new addition to my already overflowing wardrobe. Thanks to my parents who spotted it in Mango in Barcelona! But serious style kudos to my goes to my Papa who chose it - he knows me well. I'm loving that we can finally crack out some spring clothes now that the weather has decided to play ball...although the sun went in as soon as we started with the outfit pictures so yeah, cheers for that!

I've spent the weekend back up in Lincolnshire at my parents and you know what, it was rather lovely. We bimbled around shops, I bought some Pandora rings because oh my, they are beautiful creations. How have I only just discovered them?! We then went out in to the country for a walk around some cute farm shops and a cuppa with some gluten free cake (because I genuinely can't have a cup of tea without cake accompanying it. It's terrible, I know).

I'm so flipping in love with the back detailing of this cami. I mean, I know it has 'dodgy tan lines' written all over it, but I think it's worth it. I've started packing for my Valencia trip later this week and I'm at the point where my suitcase won't close. I'm going for FOUR DAYS, people. Four days. I just have so much summer stuff I want to wear because, hello UK weather. It's probably the only time I'll have to wear it all *cue ten outfit changes every day*.

This bag is hella coming with me though, even if it has to get squished in to a corner of my case. I'm quite a fan of the blush pink trend (along with the whole of Instagram, apparently) which is pretty unusual for me as I'm not really a pink kind of gal! I am, however, a sucker for pastels so I think that's why I love this colour so much. I actually have the bigger, black version of this bag but y'know, if you love it, why not get one in every colour? I'm also debuting an absolute STEAL on the blog today. My new trainers, reduced to £30 in the Nike outlet at Freeport Braintree. I was pretty impressed with that find, and my feet are pretty chipper about it too.

Hope you're having a good week guys and girls. Also, any recommendations for Valencia would be hugely appreciated!

Katie x


Jewellery heaven - meet the designer

ChloBo jewellery

Warning: photo heavy post AND gorgeous jewellery - prepare to drool. I was kindly invited to Fenwick's Meet the Designer event on Saturday where I had the chance to peruse some fab jewellery and accessories companies, as well as meet their designers/team. I have to start with ChloBo first, having heard amazing things about this brand before (pictured above). I was excited to see the collection in person and to also meet with the brains behind ChloBo, Chloe Moss. Chloe was great fun to chat with (and put up with my millions of questions and also let me take a picture of her arm candy - because LOOK AT IT). She really is the epitome of a 'girl boss' and I loved her story about how ChloBo started and where she finds inspiration. The idea formed while Chloe was travelling in Bali, and she is still an advocate of going to places far and wide and complete disconnecting from modern life - something that's pretty rare for us these days with all the technology about! She also tries to source as much as possible from Bali, which is such a nice touch.

ChloBo jewellery

Chloe's bohemian spirit is definitely reflected in her designs, which feature healing and calming stones such as moonstone and blue lace agate stone (which are the prettiest pastel colours) and spiritual symbols such as Hamsa hands, evil eyes and lotus flowers in one of my favourite collections, Maya's Light. The Pearl collection is another favourite of mine - so soft and pretty! Chloe was telling me you can mix and match the different metals, colours and styles from different collections to create your own personalised look, which is fab (especially if you're indecisive like me).



I also had the pleasure of looking over some gorgeous Edblad jewellery, which really focused on simple, high quality designs but for decent prices (no seriously, I had my eye on the rose gold hoops and expected them to be at least £60 and they were only £31). Again, I oohed and aahed over everything rose gold - the blogger's favourite, right?! I'm quite a minimalist kinda gal so I really liked the simple circle designs. SCMYK was another Swedish jewellery brand at the event and I love the fun, bright, summery feel of their jewellery, from bold patterned bracelets to sassy tassel earrings. It immediately reminded me of being on holiday, sipping on a pina colada!

Emily Mortimer

As if I wasn't already in jewellery heaven, I also had a chat with Emily from Emily Mortimer, a high end jewellery shop featuring lots of statement pieces with gorgeous gemstones. I especially loved the bangles and the gemstone stacked rings pictured above, perfect for a subtle statement piece. We spoke about how jewellery shopping is becoming more and more popular online and Emily was explaining how she's taken more of a digital presence with her jewellery, featuring it on sites like

Lisa Taylor

I loved the variety shown at the Meet the Designer event. Lisa from Lisa Taylor was an inspiring lady to talk to, creating her own line from recycled vintage saris after having previously worked for companies like Warehouse and Oasis. No two items are the same and Lisa puts a modern twist on the recycled saris, like the AMAZING bomber jacket pictured above. I also dropped by to speak to the girls at Astley Clarke who had some pretty bracelets on show and some cute gemstone jewellery, including little stud earrings which, being a minimalist, I loved.

I had a fab afternoon (if you couldn't already tell) and it was lovely to meet the people behind the brands. It's interesting to hear about their inspirations and how they have got to where they are today - probably helped by the fact I'm super nosey and love finding out about people! I then popped over to the Glow bar to get my eyebrows threaded - I've been going there for about three years now and love it. Marina is such an eyebrow wizard, how she tames my caterpillars is beyond me. I also got given a gorgeous goodie bag at the event and I'm currently delving in to the Jo Malone goodies as we speak. Thanks for having me Fenwick! 

Katie x

P.S. This post is in collaboration with Fenwick Colchester but views, opinions, photos and general ramblings are all my own.


Step out

This week I did not one, but two things outside of my comfort zone. I don't mind leaving my comfort zone every now and then, I get a bit restless and curious and kind of enjoy the danger of stepping out in to the unknown. It can be exhilarating and I'm a firm believer that it's good to step outside of your comfort bubble every now and then. But then there's the other part of me, the part that does a little wee of fear at the thought of venturing out there and doing something out of the ordinary. Truth be told, it's really no big deal leaving your comfort zone...once you've done it. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, right? 

Earlier this week I had lunch on my own, in a cafe. To tell you the truth, I've never been good with my own company. I get bored so easily, especially when there's no one to have a natter with. I put it down to the fact that I love being around people - I'm a slightly unconventional introvert in that sense. I might not be the loudest or the most talkative ( family and friends will beg to differ!) but I love being around people, hearing their stories and having a chat. So for me, being on my own usually sucks. Plus, I hate the quiet and I can only sing for so long (without the neighbours complaining...I guess they're not Spice Girls fans).

So I stepped out of my comfort zone and took myself to lunch. I know it's not unusual to see people on their own and this probably isn't a big thing, but there's something about being on my own in a restaurant full of people that makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. Naturally, I turned to my phone for comfort and I soon realised that actually...this is alright. No one is staring at me, everyone is getting on with their own lunches and I actually felt like a proper independent woman (where's that sassy emoji?) I put my phone down and enjoyed my bloody glorious ploughman's salad (hello plate of meat and cheese), spending my time people watching and planning my weekend ahead. It was empowering, refreshing and one hell of a confidence boost. I guess I've been so used to having people around me all the time that I forgot what it was like to spend time with just little old me. And you know what? It's not so bad. If you ignore the fact that my brain chatters away to itself at 100mph.

Um, excuse the creases! I did iron it...I promise...

I'm the kind of girl who likes to have plans - I'm not too good at sitting still. I have this constant twitch like I need to be doing something or seeing someone, so I like my weekends to be full, but kind of chilled at the same time (it's a fine one to balance, I know). So when I saw Hannah's tweet about meeting up with fellow bloggers and local ladies, I jumped right in there. I love living in Suffolk/Essex but I don't really know many people round these parts, and I can't tell you how lovely it was to meet with ten other ladies to chat about, well, anything and everything. Obviously it helped that cocktails were flowing and snacks were involved! It was lovely to meet everyone and fab to have so many creative ladies all in one place. We talked about our work, our blogs, our loves and life - and not forgetting, our recent Netflix binges. It was a gathering of complete strangers and it was blummin' marvellous, even if I had to dash off after a few hours. More times like this please! 

I guess the moral of this unexpectedly lengthy post today is a) when step outside your comfort zone, wonderful things can really happen b) it's nowhere near as scary as you think it'll be and c) we need more of these positive vibes in life - let's be supportive ladies and gents. Twitter/the blogosphere has been a bit of a sad, negative place over the last few weeks so it was lovely to spend time with people who just wanted a good time! So there you go, some positive, motivational vibes from me to you. Just in time for going back to work after a long weekend! 

Katie x 


Spring stripes

I've probably mentioned this over and over, but I love spring. We shot these photos at about 7.45pm whilst the sun was starting to set, painting the sky beautiful blues and pinks. Flowers are starting to come to life and I'm not actually freezing my butt off taking outfit pics for once. (Well, not until I took my jacket off...) I always find my mood improves at this time of year, anyone else? I'm pretty content most of the time but as soon as lighter evenings roll in, it makes me such a happy bunny! We took these pics on an evening stroll - I swear Essex/Suffolk never ceases to surprise me with pretty walks, fields and woods that I didn't even know existed. 

I think that's my favourite thing about this time of year - getting back outside again! I turn in to such a hermit over winter. I'm slowly starting to delayer and the chunky knitwear has gone to the back of the wardrobe. To be honest, I always find the transition from winter to spring a tricky one as British weather is so flipping unpredictable - so I always go back to a bomber jacket and cami as my 'safe' option. I stumbled across this cute stripe cami during a food shop in Tesco (I'm very easily distracted) and I'm tempted to go back for the navy version! It has crossover detailing on the back and a slightly oversized fit - perfect for wearing with jeans or tucking in to high waisted denim shorts.

I also picked up this knitted bomber jacket in black and grey (because if it fits, buy it in every colour) and it's the perfect style/texture for this time of year. I always seem to go back to black but it just goes with everything!

Katie x

P.S. Sorry for the picture quality - Blogger seems to lower the quality when I upload them. Any tips, guys and girls?


Body image, Instagram and saying thank you

It's a Thursday evening (hurrah!) and I walk in the door and make a beeline for my laptop. I start typing away because, for once, I have a clear idea about something I want to talk about. I get these lightbulb moments every now and then (not regularly though so don't get used to it!) You see, last night I posted some photos on Instagram of me wearing bikinis from my ASOS swimwear haul. I dithered so much over whether I should post them or not. I guess I'm a bit of a prude (insert granny emoji here) and I didn't know if I wanted to put my body on Instagram for the world to see. Is it too much? Too revealing? I have to say, I'm that girl who's always pulling at the hem of her dress trying to make it longer - but that's probably because being tall means everything looks like a bloomin' mini skirt on me. 

I got them ready to post, saved to draft, deleted and repeated this over and over until my boyfriend said, "Just post them! Who cares what people think." I dithered again, staring at the images. I'm fairly body confident these days because, honestly, I really can't be bothered to sit and worry about it, there are bigger, more important things that need that space in my brain (like what to have for dinner). If I'm honest, I hated my body as a gangly teenager and jumped for joy when I started to fill out (at the slightly more mature age of like 19/20). Another reason I try not to dwell on looks is because spending every day hating what you see in the mirror is such a negative downward spiral, guys and girls. Nothing good ever came out of it. But that said, there's something about baring my body to the whole of Instagram (I'm kidding, not the whole of Instagram thanks to that algorithm!) that I'm still not sure about. Honestly, I don't know how some girls post pics like that every day - kudos to you ladies. 

Whilst I'm fairly happy in my own skin, I felt nervous posting those photos. Because what if people are horrible? What if they're cruel and point out my imperfections? This is social media we're talking about and we all know trolls aren't those creatures that live under bridges (or maybe they are). I pride myself on being a fairly tough cookie and can usually handle whatever is thrown at me, but this is my body we're talking about. Criticise my bed hair, my poor taste in music, my Spongebob pjs or my terrible sense of humour that thrives on sarcasm, that's fine. Maybe because they're out there for everyone to see. Well, apart from the Spongebob pjs. THE SECRET IS OUT! (Truth be told, I bought them not realising they had Spongebob written down the side. I thought they were just a cute polkadot design). 

Luckily, I seem to have the loveliest, most supportive ladies over on Insta and to my surprise received some nice comments. I think that made me squirm even more - half because I was expecting some sort of criticism and half because er, how do you react to that? When someone compliments your dress it's easy to be like, "Good old New Look!" or, "It was such a bargain!" or my favourite, "oh it's SO old I'm surprised it's still in one piece." But that doesn't really work when someone says you have a nice figure ("oh cheers! It was in the sale...") And maybe that's sad, that we don't know how to receive or react to such compliments. I say 'we' in the hope I'm not the only cringingly awkward human being here. Do you say thank you? I personally find that hard to do. Or do you launch in to a spiel about how you're actually so bloated from a bout of IBS that if you stood side on, you'd probably look pregnant. Or how you wish you weren't so out of proportion. Or how it's a good job you cut your legs out because you've had the mother of all allergic reactions to a fake tan (see last post for my tan woes) - although red snakeskin legs could be the new fashion statement I hear!

I read something a while ago that said our generation is the worst for receiving compliments. We either shrug them off or turn them back in to a negative. Which I think is pretty true. Basically, we're not very good at smiling, nodding and saying thank you - and keeping the insecure 'BUT LOOK AT MY STOMACH AND I HAVE NO BOOBS' comments to ourselves. Maybe it's because if we just say thank you, does that mean people will think we're arrogant? Will people think we have zero insecurities? I guess this is a message to say, ladies (and gents!) let's have some confidence in ourselves. We get one shot at this life, don't let the majority of it be spent picking out your faults and wallowing in self-pity because someone has a six pack and you don't. Ain't nobody got time for that! Be proud of who you are (I really need to take some of my own advice here...) we all have flaws and imperfections, but most of the time we are the only people who can see them in ourselves.

Oh, and if like me you have no boobs and some IBS bloating, natural lighting and stretchy waistbands are your friends. And squish your elbows together - that'll help with the boobs - or lack of. (Kidding). 

Katie x

P.S. Just finished writing this to realise it's 7pm, I'm still sat in my coat and I'm yet to make dinner. Sigh.

P.P.S. I've attempted to make dinner and threw half my cooked salmon on the floor...and half in the cutlery drawer. I think I used up all my brain power on writing this post!